The few things I’ve learned about kids


I have spent some time working in a daycare and that is a setting a I never expected to enjoy as much as I do. While being in this setting here are the few things I’ve learned about kids in the short time working with them.

They say the darnedest things.

You absolutely never know what is going to come out of their mouths. Sometimes, yes, they have copied bad words they hear from adults along the way. But this is because they are just lke little sponges and take in everything the hear. Other times it’s just the funnies things in the world. It’s so hard to imagine what is going through their brain and how they come up with such smart things.

They love unconditionally

Yes, there is always the kid that is tough, outgoing and hard to rangle. But even that little one is still loving unconditionally. Their love is like no other. They don’t want to upset people and they really do care when your feelings are hurt or you’re having a bad day.

They play super hard and are learning all the time

No matter what they are out doing, they are learning from it every step of the way. Playing with toys, not matter how big or small, teaches them something about motor skills or life skills. Playing outside is also giving them the opportunity to learn and grow with motor skills and life lessons. All along the way everything they do is a chance to grow and learn and take something in.

There you have the few things I’ve learned about kids. It’s only a little snipet of what I’ve learned but they are a few big things. If you want a few insider tips on the things I think are good to have for daycare, head over to this link to get access to free download of 5 things I wouldn’t go without for daycare.

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