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- MelissaLee

Hi! It's Melissa!
I believe that all women are beautiful as their true selves. What makes a woman beautiful isn't just what's on the outside, it's honestly what's on inside that makes them epically beautiful and shine!
But in the journey to let the emotions and beauty that's inside show, it's powerful to doll up on the outside and pamper yourelf!

my Beauty

My bombshell

Why do I love shooting boudoir?
This is a powerful type of photography. It’s also a very intimate type of photography. I care deeply about people and mental health. I believe that learning to love yourself is an important part of your mental health. 

I love shooting boudoir because this is a chance for the women in front of my camera to learn to love themselves.

I love it because not only is it my opportunity to show these women how amazing and strong they are but also for them to finally see themselves the way the world sees them. Confident, strong, brave, powerful and of course beautiful.

Boudoir to me is more than just beautiful photos of amazing women, it is a chance to change a life and show love and support to everyone!

hi, I'm Melissa!

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Boudoir is more than just sexy photos. It's about beauty, empowerment and learning to love the skin you're in. To see yourself as beautiful as you are seen in everyone else's eyes.

Boudoir photography has been an artform since literally the invention of cameras. Still, there’s a bit of confusion surrounding the topic, so I wanted to take a second to dispel some myths and tell you exactly what boudoir photography is. In short: it’s a series of tasteful, artful sensual images — usually of a woman, but sometimes of a couple or even a man. 

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What is Boudoir?

KIND WORDS from beautiful women

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Individual images start at $325 and collections of popular products start at $997.

All sessions/collections include:
- 1 hour of studio coverage
- 3 outfit changes
- Posing guidance and outfit picking help 
- Personal set up and preparation for the whole session 
- Professional hair and makeup ($250 value)
- Opportunity to view and order photos immediately following your session
- $200 collection credit towards your purchase
- FREE Self Love Journal Prompts to continue your empowerment long after your session is over.



The initial session fee of $495 is needed up front to book and secure your date and then you can purchase products and photos individually at a later date.

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Beauty to Bombshell

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"What an amazing experience. I came just as nervous as I was excited.. Never have I felt so beautiful as I did today inside and out. Thank you so much!!"
- Ms. K

This was an amazing experience and Melissa and her team did a phenomenal job. I only wish I would have done this sooner and more often! Never let the price you put into yourself make you feel bad! This was one trip I would most definitely do again.
 - Ms. K

"Today was fabulous! Having Melissa show the pose before I did them myself was amazing, took the thinking out of needing the perfect pose or place to put my hands! I cannot wait to keep recommending to friends and family!!"
- Ms. E

"Everything about this experience made me feel liberated, confident, beautiful and most of all reminded me that there is more to me besides my many roles of mom, wife, co worker, friend, aunt etc. there is ME a person I lost touch with. I feel amazing inside and out! Thank you for helping me achieve yet another milestone on my journey!!" - Ms. J

Classy, but slightly edgy...
Well put together, but far from perfect...
The sweetest soul,
Genuinely humble and giving, a free spirit with the most beautiful appreciation of life, a singer and dancer in any moment and lastly a woman put here in this world to spread messages of love and encouragement to all who come in my path.


Hair & Makeup

When Missy isn't in the studio empowering beautiful ladies you can find her playing with her beagle, working on her health goals, traveling, shooting weddings for awesome couples, helping on the farm with her boyfriends family, and making memories with anyone, anywhere, anytime!



"What do I like to do for fun? Lotsa stuff! I work out and lift weights regularly (cuz ya know, sitting all day every isn’t that good for you, or so I’m told…), and love to cook. Looooove to cook. I love almost all things nerdy... . I even have an Elvish tattoo (true story)."



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What's Your Boudoir Photography Alter Ego?

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Are you worried that you won't be good at posing during your session?
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Take a few minutes to do this fun quiz that will help you learn what your Boudoir Photography Alter Ego is and you'll be surprised at what fun can be had during your session!

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