Inverted Triangle Body Shape

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Finding lingerie for every day wear, for a fun night in, or for your next boudoir session can be very intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. The first thing for you to figure out is.. what is your body shape. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the inverted triangle body shape specifically.

What is an inverted triangle body shape? Knowing what body shape you are first helps you to then know what to wear based on that shape. Here’s a quick description of an apple body shape.

Inverted Triangle Shape Defined

Women who have this body shape often have shoulders and a bust that are broader than the hips. They also have very little waist definition. Their body shape often follows the shape of a “V” and the shoulders can appear more athletic looking, square or even straight. It can sometimes also be called a strawberry shape.

Now that you know you’re an apple body shape, what do you choose to wear for lingerie for your body type?

With a potentially bigger bust and broader shoulders go for bras that are simple to not take away from the great curves you have on top. Also try out pieces that are plunging for a more fun look.

Types of Lingerie to Wear

Since your top half is broader find pieces that add something to your lower half. You will want to find pieces that add to your lower half while showing off the curves and great assets you do have on the top. Now showing off your bust is different than adding to what’s already there. This means avoid bras with push-up or added padding. These can potentially make your top off look too large and off balance.

Halter Style Bra

With your top half being a little bigger you’re going to need a little more support there. Halter bras do a great job of adding that support without making your bust look too large. Plus the halter style gives a nice look to show off your chest and neckline. Make sure that when you’re shopping you go for pieces with wider straps. The smaller the straps the more your shoulders will look wider and broader.

Try out a beautiful halter bra like this black lace halter for support and a great look for your top half. This emerald green bra is a great plunge option as well.

Racer Back Bra

Racer back bras are a great way to show off your top and bust area without the fear of the straps falling down. Plus if we’re doing a little showing off, the racer back style is great for that intimate sensual look from behind. Again make sure the straps a little more on the wide side and avoid the super small straps.

This black lace racer back bra is really a great option with larger straps that will hold up the girls and give your shoulders and bust a great look. Or the pink one for something really fun and supportive.

Ruffle Panties

Since your hips are smaller than your shoulders we want to highlight that area and give it the appearance of more curves. Choose a ruffle panty to help achieve this look. You can also choose panties with bows, lace or other designs to draw the attention to your lower half.

These adorable white ruffle panties are one of the choices you can go with to highlight your lower half. Black Ruffle Panties.

Colors and Patterns

Colors and pattens in your bras and in your panties will help achieve a great look for either your top or your bottom. Darker colors on the top will help add a slimming effect to your broad shoulders. To go with that then you can choose patterns or fun colors to go on the bottom half to help add the look of more curves. There are some things to remember though when you’re choosing patterns. Horizontal stripes have a widening effect and vertical stripes have a slimming effect.

Try out these really fun striped panties to show off your hip area. OR try these fun floral panties.

Hopefully these lingerie tips will help you to feel more confident when you’re shopping for your next boudoir session or if you’re just wanting to find that next great piece for a fun night.

Keep an eye on our blog for more body shapes and the tips for what to wear for those.

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