Jennifer’s Boudoir Session

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She showed up looking gorgeous before we even started hair and makeup. Then we went to get her things out of her car and here she brought endless amounts of outfit choices. And with that I knew we were going to have a lot of fun with Jennifer’s boudoir session. On top of that she was super excited, bubbly and outgoing and open to try anything. Her excitement and positive vibe could be felt from the moment we met. Jennifer’s boudoir session was going to be a blast (and it for sure was).

Jennifer’s Boudoir Session

Before starting her session we had to pick only 3 outfits from her 20+ outfit combos that she brought. Man, any girl would love to be in Jennifer’s closet with the choices that she had. But we made our choices and started her session. I’m sure Jennifer was nervous but she didn’t let it show and after a handful of poses she was a natural. She was feeling amazing and beautiful and was rocking every pose. Just like every woman who comes in for their session, suddenly things pop and a switch goes on realizing how amazing and gorgeous they are. And Jennifer was no exception to this.

Viewing Jennifer’s Photos

After her session she packed up her things and took a tour of The Femme Farm with owner and my business partner Heather. While I culled her images to the best ones. Once the best photos were selected, she sat down and got to see herself and was in love with practically every photo. This is always the best thing to see when a woman gets to view her photos. She picked out her top favorites and placed her order for a beautiful little album.

All in all it was an amazing and fun session and Jennifer’s boudoir session gave her all the empowerment and confidence a woman could look for. If you want to book your own session, Click Here and fill out the form to get more information.

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