Miss K’s Boudoir Session

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I have not had a session like Miss K’s boudoir session. This one was such a fun thing to experience and such a great lady to have in the studio.

Here’s a few important things about Miss K’s boudoir Session
She’s Been through a few rough marriages but now has an amazing man who treats her well and loves her beauty inside and out.
Been sober and doing this session as a referral from her friend
Ready to try out some fun outfits and be adventurous with her session.
Today she’s making a day of her session and took time off or work for this and then getting tattoos later with her boyfriend and then making a date night out of it.
Loves being grandma to the grandkids
Miss K rocked her session and ever taught me a thing or two while we worked together.

Here’s what Miss K had to say about her session: “It was an amazing experience! Melissa made me feel so comfortable and beautiful and sexy!! She knows just how to pose you and put you at ease, while making it fun! I think every woman deserves to give this one of a kind gift to herself!!”

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