Ms. B’s Boudoir Session

with hands in her hair a woman laugh really big lying on the bed while wearing a black body suit for a photo session in Glencoe, Minnesota

In the intimate world of boudoir photography, where vulnerability meets courage and empowerment, Ms. B’s boudoir session stands out as a tale of resilience and self-discovery. Ms. B, a survivor of sexual assault and emotional abuse, went on this transformative journey as a means to reclaim her narrative and redefine her sense of self-worth. Through her inspiring and powerful story, we catch a glimpse of the incredible healing power that a boudoir experience can bestow upon an individual.

Tell us your story, a little bit about you and why you decided to do a boudoir session? Is your story what made you decide to do this for yourself?

I was sexually assaulted and verbally and emotionally abused during that time and there after. My ex controlled every thing I did, and I got tired of hearing HIS voice in my head about how I asked for my assault and I wasn’t sexy and nobody would want me. It took a toll on my personal mental health and I needed an outlet so I started working out at home. The trainers and group of women I have met who were on similar journeys lifted me up and I got some of my voice back.

I did a photo shoot during a survivors retreat and I loved how I felt during that time. So I decided to do a boudoir shoot so I could remember that feeling of uplifting and empowerment but also see ME as a beautiful person in a different way. Life is too short to live in the past and getting here has been a blessing. I just decided to make this investment in ME.

What was your biggest concern prior to booking your Boudoir Session? How do you feel now?

Nerves, especially finding the right outfits. I was worried I wouldn’t be sexy despite how I wanted to look. I feel happy I did it and it’s given me a confidence boost I didn’t think was this possible.

What, specifically, did you enjoy most about your portrait session and why?

I loved the hair and makeup – I could have someone play with my hair and do my makeup for hours – truly love it. But the session itself – Melissa helped put me at ease my whole session despite what I was wearing and made me laugh.

Were you comfortable during your session? How did I make you feel? Did my posing instruction help you feel more confident?

Very comfortable. I loved that I could laugh and you used it as an opportunity for poses and your position help definitely helped make me feel more comfortable.

What did this shoot do for your self confidence, self worth, and self image? Did you discover anything about yourself that you didn’t know was there or that you forgot was there? How has your boudoir experience affected you or changed you?

I feel it has helped me feel more positive and beautiful. I think having the pictures nearby to see later will be what helps me moving forward.

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?

Way better – way more fun and exciting vs nerve wracking.

After this amazing experience for yourself, what does boudoir mean to YOU?

Using your inner desires, emotions and confidence to off all attributes of a beautiful person.

What did you learn about yourself? OR how did this experience/session change you?

I learned I’m more desirable and beautiful than I thought and what I think people look at (flaws) are what makes me beautiful. I’m more confident and can’t wait to show that confidence moving forward.

What advice would you give someone who is nervous about or hesitant to book their own boudoir experience with me?

Just do it! It’s worth it and seeing the after photos will only give you more confidence in yourself.

Ms. B’s boudoir session not only captured her external beauty but served as a powerful mirror reflecting the strength and courage that lie within. This experience became a pivotal chapter in her journey towards self-love and acceptance. As we celebrate Ms. B’s newfound confidence and radiant spirit, it becomes evident that boudoir photography transcends mere images; it becomes a catalyst for personal transformation and a celebration of one’s unique beauty. If you find yourself hesitating, take a page from Ms. B’s story and embrace the opportunity to rediscover and embrace the beautiful essence that defines you.

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