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Engagement sessions are one of the best times for a couple to share for so many reasons! An engagement session is more than just more couples photos. They are a time for you and your significant other to get away and capture a little more of your love story. Here are some of the reasons why doing an engagement session is such a great idea. Also, there are some of my favorite engagement sessions to show off here.

Work With Your Photographer

Doing an engagement session is a chance to work with your photographer before your wedding day. Sometimes it’s nice for both you and your photographer to have a chance to work together before the big day. This helps both of you to get to know one another more. You also have the chance to learn how to pose and act in front of the camera.

Get Photos of Just You Two

Yes, after the wedding day photos arrive that is all you will want to post and print. But before the big day photos arrive, having some beautiful photos of you and your fiance is a wonderful thing. These photos are another little piece to your ever changing and meaningful love story. Have engagement photos done so that you can look back and relive all the little things that lead up to your wedding day.

To Relieve a Special Place Or Moment

Another fun little thing about doing your engagement session is reliving a place a moment from your love story. Maybe you met a special place and you can do photos at this location. Perhaps you got engaged somewhere very memorable. Or maybe there is something like hunting, sports, delicious food, etc. that you two share in common. Any of these ideas lend to a chance to relive special moments in your love story that make for awesome engagement session photos.

These are just a few of the ideas for why you should do an engagement session. Now here are some of the images from a few of my favorite engagement and couples sessions.

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