Should I lose weight prior to my boudoir shoot?

The short answer is no. But let me explain a little more. This is a question ever woman has in her head about doing a boudoir shoot. Should I lose weight prior to my boudoir shoot? And I can see exactly why women want to. But here’s why you don’t have to.

Be who you are

A boudoir shoot is ultimately about find your confidence and loving you fully for who you are. The point in life is to love yourself just as you are and not try to change yourself to fit into a certain mold. Be yourself and let a boudoir photographer like me show you just how deserving and worthy you are right now. Let us show you just how beautiful you are inside and out. Changing anything about you because you think you need to look a certain way is not the way to build self love.

Change is ok

Now there are certain reasons that losing weight is important. If you have a drive to lose weight to feel healthier and stronger than by all means go for it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make changes to better your health. But if the only reason you’re doing it is to punish your body or because you think you’ll love yourself better at a smaller size this is a toxic way to do this. Self love is about loving your body through any journey and stage of life. Change to be healthy, not to make yourself look or feel a certain way to gain self love.

So, to answer the question, Should I lose weight prior to my boudoir shoot, this is totally up to you but know you do not have to because you’re amazing and beautiful no matter what.

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