Why the investment in boudoir is important and worth it

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I realize that boudoir prices are not inexpensive.
It’s not just about the photos that are being done it’s about an experience. So, let me tell you why the investment in boudoir is important and worth it.

It’s not just a photo! That is the 1st and main thing I want to stress to you as a potential client. I invest in you so that you will invest in yourself. The day is planned for you and all my dedication is strictly focused on you as my main priority. Every shoot is custom tailored and prepared for well in advance to make it be all about you. And You are unique and perfect.

The products created from your shoot are all the time invested to create your masterpiece, you are the Art, you are the masterpiece!

This is what you are investing in. Not just me as the photographer but yourselves. Something that will never be undervalued.

As women we have to learn to become comfortable investing in and gifting ourselves. We deserve it and are worth it and we don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Owning your images is like owning the most powerful vision board, (even Oprah has touted the effectiveness of vision boarding), because you get to see your amazing images every single day, and every time you see them your going to feel beautiful and confident, and this will work wonders on your internal dialogue and the way you feel about yourself. It will become more powerful and more ingrained in you over time, the more you see your images.

I take Paypal credit, all major credit cards and I give a pre-shoot discount for paying in full. This is all why the investment in boudoir is important and worth it. I make it easy for you to purchase the photos you love.

If you want to see more and be a part of a great group, come join my women’s only Facebook Group Here and see what it’s like to do a session for yourself. If you’re ready to book a boudoir session or want to get more information Click Here to contact me. Also head to the Home Page to see more and learn more about boudoir.

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