Abri’s Boudoir Session

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Boudoir sessions are meant to unique. Not a single one of them is the same as the next. Abri’s boudoir session was exactly that.

Abri had a lot of fun things that she brought for her session. The most fun thing was that she brought her violin to her session to have pictures with. We found a way to incorporate that into her session so well. We used it with two of her lingerie outfits and it looked so elegant and fun.

Plus this girl had the best tattoo on her shoulder. It reads “I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her”. How absolutely beautiful and empowering is the quote. I couldn’t help but get some creative shots of her beauty and her tattoo in a photo.

She was so excited when she saw her pictures and loved having these elements as part of her beautiful images. She was just as obsessed as I was about them.

Don’t be afraid to bring these things to your session. It’s part of who you are. Bring the fun accessories, outfits or props.

If you want to see more and be a part of a great group, come join my women’s only Facebook Group Here and see what it’s like to do a session for yourself.

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