Struggling with food choices

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Anyone else struggled with food choices in someway? I do too. It’s tough. Now mine aren’t that drastic or serious. I more struggle with eating the right portions of food or staying away from the foods that don’t serve my body in the right way. So, I just wanted to touch on struggling with food choices (a personal story) from my side of things. This is something that many people on a health journey struggle with on the daily.

Struggling is okay

It’s rough to think about, but struggling with cravings and saying no to the wrong foods is okay. Not every day is going to be easy. But not every day is going to be hard either. There are so many delicious foods out there and saying “no” is hard for anyone who’s human. Don’t ever think any less of yourself just because you are struggling. This is part of life and it’s the part that teaches us new lessons.

Keep reminding yourself on your goals

If you’re trying to make health food choices because you have goals for weight loss or better health, remind yourself of this daily. Keep telling yourself that you are done with the old ways and they aren’t serving you anymore. Daily reminders on your phone or written on paper hanging somewhere for you to see will help you achieve the goal of saying no to those things that you shouldn’t have. Keep your reminders positive.

Recruit help from others

Sometimes the best thing to get out of your own head on these goals is to recruit the help from your friends or family. Find a group that can help you. Having an accountability partner helps you to say no to things but they can remind you of the goals you have when you temporarily forget what you’re working towards. In return you can also help them when they need the help saying no and working towards their goals as well.

One wrong choice isn’t failure

The biggest thing to remember is that just because you choose the wrong food and eat something you shouldn’t, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed and should give up. It means you’re human. You make mistake. And the next thing to do is get up and try again. Make a better choice at the next meal or the next day. You learn from your mistakes and that’s where you grow in how to do better next time.

We are all human and will want to choose foods that aren’t good for us. But that’s okay. We just have to keep trying and work harder at being the best versions of ourselves. If you’d like some help with food choices I have a FREEBIE HERE that will help you make good short term choices for avoiding bloat before a photo session or any big event. Click Here if you want to learn a little more about mental health and how it’s okay for us to struggle with this too.

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