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Finding lingerie for every day wear, for a fun night in, or for your next boudoir session can be very intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. The first thing for you to figure out is.. what is your body shape. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the apple body shape specifically.

What is an apple body shape? Knowing what body shape you are first helps you to then know what to wear based on that shape. Here’s a quick description of an apple body shape.

Apple Shape Defined

Apple shapes, also known as circle shapes, have rounder shoulder lines with a full tummy area, and carry your weight above your narrow hip area. Apples also have average to big busts with little definition between the bust and the waist.  Apples also have naturally great-shaped legs with smaller or narrower hips.

Now that you know you’re an apple body shape, what do you choose to wear for lingerie for your body type?

First of all you need lingerie that is suitable for a larger bust. With a larger bust you should avoid wearing lingerie that has extra padding. Instead try getting a bra that is a full cup bra that gives you full coverage and that extra support to keep the girls where you want them.

Types of Lingerie to Wear

Opt for lingerie that elongates your figure. Since your waistline and bust are probably your widest measurements choosing pieces that help lengthen your figure will help flatter your body. When looking for pieces like this try these pieces.


Bodysuits are a great choice to elongate the line of your body. Choose a bodysuit with a deep V neckline (not plunging though) as a great choice to bring more length to your body. A one piece bodysuit is a nice alternative to a bra and panty pair because it will give you that length that you’re looking for while still showing some skin. If you are most busty, try a bodysuit that has side boning and underwire for that added support you need on top.

Here is a great teal bodysuit option. Buy Here. Or try out this fun strappy option. Buy Here.

Halter Bra and High Waist Panties

Halter top bras can give you a little more lift on top than regular bras do. This can then help your waistline to appear smaller. Then when you pair that with the retro look of high waist panties it can help give you more coverage in the midsection and keeping that beautiful feminine look you’re going for. If you’re looking to do a bra and panties pair, go for it! Don’t be afraid of this choice. When choosing the best bra for your apple shape, go for a bra that has underwire in it and lots of support. Underwire is your best friend to help keep the girls up where you want them to be. Also look for interesting straps, prints or embellishments, such as the two-tone lace to help to draw the eye where you want it to be. And then when you’re looking for panties to go with that bra make sure you get panties that a V shaped that will sit higher on your hip bone and help elongate how your midsection looks if like it’s magic!

This beautiful red halter bra is one of the great choices you can go with. And then these V shaped lace panties make the beautiful statement to sit higher on your hips and elongate the midsection.

Baby Doll Negligee

If you are shy about showing off your midsection try a baby doll negligee as an option for lingerie. These pieces give you that coverage in the midsection but still have a very feminine look. They can also very very fun and comfortable helping you to feel even more amazing in your own skin.

Here’s a great baby doll negligee that has all the features we’ve talked about to help you feel amazing in your own skin. Metallic babydoll.

Hopefully these lingerie tips will help you to feel more confident when you’re shopping for your next boudoir session or if you’re just wanting to find that next great piece for a fun night.

Keep an eye on our blog for more body shapes and the tips for what to wear for those.

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