Rectangle Body Shape

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Finding lingerie for every day wear, for a fun night in, or for your next boudoir session can be very intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. The first thing for you to figure out is.. what is your body shape. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the rectangle body shape specifically.

What is an rectangle body shape? Knowing what body shape you are first helps you to then know what to wear based on that shape. Here’s a quick description of an apple body shape.

Rectangle Shape Defined

This body shape can be described as little to no curves. The bust, shoulders and hips are very similar in size and measurements. Usually this body shape can have very long legs. They have very little definition in the waist and are often tall. The rectangle body shape can also be described as athletic body shape.

Now that you know you’re an apple body shape, what do you choose to wear for lingerie for your body type?

Since you don’t have very many natural curves you will want to choose lingerie that helps you do this. Giving off the appearance of having more curves with the pieces of lingerie you choose. You can choose to pick lingerie that highlights your top or your bottom, or you can highlight both.

Types of Lingerie to Wear

Lingerie pieces that help bring out the appearance of curves are what you’re going to want to go for. That and pieces that help to highlight your waist even if you have very little to no waist definition.


Ruffled pieces of lingerie are a nice way to add some more curves to the modest curves you already have. They add some more definition and volume to the areas you want to highlight as curvier. Try going for a ruffled boy short on the bottom to add more shape to your hips. Or choose a ruffled bralette to add those curves to your top half. Don’t be afraid to give a little ruffle to both top and bottom for added curves together.

These cute ruffle boy shorts are a great option for your bottom half. To pair the ruffles together, try this matching ruffle set.

Push-up Bra

To get the curves look going for your top half try going with a push-up bra to add more volume and curves. You can always pair this bra with the ruffle panties to add curves to both areas. You can also pick out a bodysuit or bustier that has the push-up bra in it to also get that same look of a more voluptuous top half.

Try out a simple but cute push-up bra like this floral one. Find some great ruffle panties HERE to go with it. This red push-up bodysuit is another great choice to bring the curves to your top half.

Crop Top with Brief or Boy Short

Crop tops are great pieces for a rectangle body shape because it helps to elongate your chest. Doing this to your top half helps create the appearance of more curves. You can pair the crop top with either a brief or a boy short to help balance out the look you’re going for here. To add a little flair to the whole thing, add in a suspender belt to also add some definition to your waist.

Try this crop top bustier for all the added flair and tips that your rectangle shape is looking for. This multi pack briefs is a great choice to add some fun to a simple top. Or choose a brief like these pink ones to show off that sensual side a little more. Also the suspender belts like below can be added for a fun twist to your outfit.

Hopefully these lingerie tips will help you to feel more confident when you’re shopping for your next boudoir session or if you’re just wanting to find that next great piece for a fun night.

Keep an eye on our blog for more body shapes and the tips for what to wear for those.

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