Danelle’s Boudoir Session

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This session was such a fun one. Danelle’s boudoir session is a true form of how you can and should do a session full for yourself. You don’t need anyone else to make you feel great about yourself. You just need yourself. This girl had a significant other but that didn’t work out and now she’s just ready to do this for herself.

She’s adventurous and for her session she was ready to try out new outfits. She also had really fun shoes and jewelry as accessories along to pair with her outfits. She’s a dedicated nurse working her butt off and it’s been awhile since she’s done something that was all about her.

This girl rocked her session and was such a pleasure to work with. It is so great to have the chance to pamper her and make her feel amazing. This is what boudoir is all about. Doing this for yourself to help you feel deserving and worthy! Danelle’s boudoir session is a beautiful example of how deserving and worthy every woman is of doing something like this.

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