Why you shouldn’t go Pinterest crazy before your boudoir session

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Pinterest ideas for your boudoir session can seem like a great idea. But in reality there are some pit falls to check in our Pinterest before your session. Here’s some reason why you shouldn’t go Pinterest crazy before your boudoir session.

Photographers Styles are different 

Every photographer has a different style. Unless you an pin point photos on Pinterest that are the same style as your boudoir photographer you’re probably pin to end up with a wide variety of styles on your board. Your photographer is likely game for new ideas. But a light and airy photographer isn’t going to be able to or want to do those dark and moody image examples you have. And vise versa for a dark and moody photographer. Feel free to pin a few fun poses and ideas but remember your final product might have a similar pose but ultimately might look quite different than that pin you found.

Comparison fatigue 

We’re woman. Comparison is really hard NOT to do. So, that goes to say that looking at los of boudoir images on Pinterest might get you feeling down about yourself and your session. Feelings and thoughts about not being able to look a certain way might arise. And these feelings are definitely not something you need before your session. Go ah as and get a little fun inspiration before your session but remember that you are beautiful and deserving of your own amazon session.


As you start to look through Pinterest to get ideas, you realize there’s just a lot out there. Different outfits. Different poses, different locations. Different makeup options. Suddenly you feel like you have no idea what you’re session will be like or how it should be. Overwhelm might take over and your nerves will come out. This is when it’s time to close Pinterest and put the phone down. Being overwhelmed isn’t how you want to feel before your session. Take a breath and remember your photographer has your back is will make this session the best thing for you.

To many ideas

Really similar to the one above, but too many ideas isn’t good. It’s going to get you overwhelmed and be too much for your photographer to do. They ore than likely have their own set of poses that the know work. If you have too many ideas on your Pinterest board and are thinking you want to try all of them, this probably won’t work out. Trying a handful of new ideas will be doable for your photographer but not all of them. Like the first point states, some of your pins might not be the style of your photographer and won’t be doable by then anyway.

Ultimately, have fun with Pinterest but this is just a little look into why you shouldn’t go Pinterest crazy before your boudoir session. Don’t let it take away from the mystery of how unique and fun your own session is going to be. 

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