Danielle’s Boudoir Session

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The fun we had during Danielle’s boudoir session was so awesome. And the fact that she left feel amazing about herself is so invaluable.

Danielle came in for her session wanting to feel amazing about herself. She brought both cute and sexy outfits which made for a fun session and great photos for her. This was a great chance have photos showcasing all sides of her personality. Leaving her session she was feeling empowered and beautiful. She was so excited to show her girl friends her photos. And potentially come back to do a fun best friends photo shoot.

Having girls be obsessed with their images is such an amazing thing. Hearing from Danielle that she loved all her images and couldn’t pick a favorite is such a blessing to have them say and to get to do this for these women.

Danielle’s boudoir session was really fun especially with all the unique outfits that she brought with and this made the session so much fun to try out new things.

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