4 sexy things you have in your closet right now for boudoir

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I get questions about outfits and what to bring to a boudoir session all the time. One thing I get asked is, “do I have to buy new lingerie for my session?” And the answer is no, not if you don’t want to. I’d like to stare with you today the 4 sexy things you have in your closet right now for boudoir.


Any type of sweater is super cute and sexy for a session. Whether it’s baggy, fitted, short, cardigan etc it will work as a really fun piece for a session. These pieces give something simple but yet really sexy for a session. You look comfy but also give off that sexy feel for wondering what else is going on under neath the sweater.


This is a classic and is always sexy. Jeans of any type are a piece you cannot go wrong with for your session. Throw on a pair of jeans with a crop top, bra of any sort, your favorite shirt or even a sports bra and you’ve a classic sexy outfit all ready. Showing off with this type of outfit will be one that everyone loves.


You weren’t thinking I’d say this one did you? But don’t you have a pair of pajamas that you love that makes you feel great? Well put that on for your session and be posed in the most flattering poses and be prepared to feel so awesome and sexy at the sane time. It’s intimate while being cute too.


Any draw that you gave in your closet that you love is going to be sexy for your session. Dresses are always sexy and classy and can help you feel beautiful. Put one on for your session with a great pair of shoes and you’ve got one heck of an outfit for your session. You’ll be covered and conservative ur the sexiness will still shine threw with this choice.

Now, you’ve booked a session and now you know what you can pull from your current closet for outfits. But if you’ve been dying to have an occasion to buy new lingerie than this is it! Head over to This Post to read about great places to shop and places to get fitted for lingerie.

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