Lingerie out of your comfort zone? Here’s what to wear instead

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You want to do a boudoir session for the empowerment and body positivity. But you’re not quite sure that you want to be wearing all the lingerie and go all out in that way. But you’re thinking, “if I don’t wear lingerie, then what would I even wear?” Girl, there are so many options for other outfits and pieces of clothing to wear during your session. Lingerie out of your comfort zone? Here’s what to wear instead.


Dresses have always been a clothing choice that makes a girl feel pretty. Find a dress that you love or makes you feel sexy. This makes a great option for your session. With this option you will be more covered up and you will feel more comfortable. At the same time you will also feel sexy and look adorable.


There are so many great options when it comes to sweaters. You can do a fitted sweater with cheeky undies. Pick a baggy sweater with the same cheeky undies. You can also do any sweater combo with shorts for a more covered up look. Plus a sweater with jeans is just super cute and really conservative. This look is classic and cute for any woman.


Jeans are a staple for any closet and they help make any women’s butt look great. 😄 Pair them with a crop top for a fun look. Go all oit and do jeans and a bra or bralette of choice. Or just find your favorite dress shirt and go for a sophisticated and fun look with your jeans. Let’s rock that favorite outfit that you have.


Come on, who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings? These can definitely make an appearance in your boudoir session. Make it a workout outfit and be super comfy if working out is something you’re big into. Pair the leggings with that cute sweater or your favorite dress shirt. It might be comfortable but if it makes you look and feel great that’s all that matters to rock your session.


Do you have a hobby that you enjoy and have a specific outfit you wear? Bring that! Do belly dancing and want to show off that outfit? Let’s do it! If you like or do sports bring a jersey or team t-shirt. Love your job and have a certain uniform that you wear, let’s show that off too. Anything that is unique and special to you makes it a great outfit for your boudoir session.

Lingerie out of your comfort zone? Here’s what to wear instead to make you feel comfortable and confident. We do not have to rock the lingerie for every session. I love seeing what other outfits we can come up with together. Plus if you want a great place to shop for outfits, both casual and lingerie check out Target for so many great options for stuff.

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