What it’s like to prepare for a boudoir session

Booking a boudoir session is seriously nerve-wracking and intimidating to do. I know, I’ve scheduled my own session and feel all the same things my clients feel when they book. It can be very scary to decide to invest in yourself this way. But it can also be really amazing and feel great too. Here’s my little bit on what it’s like to prepare for a boudoir session. I haven’t had my session yet, so here’s just getting ready for it and how it feels.

It’s scary

Yes, it’s scary asking someone to do this intimate type of photos for you. It’s very vulnerable too. And that’s okay. It’s normal human nature to feel scared to do something that is outside of your comfort zone. Any time we do something isn’t familiar to us it’s going to be scary. But that’s where growth happens. Outside of your comfort zone is where change happens and sometimes we all need that.

It’s really exciting

Even though booking your session is scary, it’s also very exciting because you know it’s going to be amazing and so much fun. Especially when you have hair and makeup booked to be done professionally before your session. This is an exciting opportunity to get to be pampered and all dolled up. Plus you can also use the excuse to buy new clothes for your session. And who doesn’t love the excitement of buying new things just for the fun of it.

It’s overwhelming

It does feel overwhelming trying to decide on the right outfits and hoping you look good for your session. That’s okay too. We all over prepare or plan for things and that’s fine. It means you’ll be more prepared than under prepared. It’s going to go more smoothly than you think it will so don’t stress over outfits too much.

Invest in yourself

This is such a great thing to do for yourself! Yes, it will seem like something you shouldn’t do, invest in yourself and pay money towards this. But it’s important! Investing in yourself is a very important thing to do. It’s just like self care. Doing this periodically reminds you of how important and amazing your are. Investing in yourself is something you won’t regret doing. So, even if it feels weird and selfish, it’s not. Just do it and do the session for yourself no matter what.

It’s going to be a roller coast of emotions preparing for and leading up to your session. This is normal. Let those emotions guide you and feel them. This is going to help you feel amazing and to be really in the moment leading up to your session.

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