Mamas. This one’s for you

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I am not a mother. But a while back I had the great honor of having a beautiful mama of three (two of which are twins) in the studio for a boudoir session. She did something completely different for her session than anyone had every asked to do. Mamas. This one’s for you.

This beautiful twin mom told me that she wanted to do a session and see what it was all about. But the thing was, she told me that she felt the most beautiful when she was breast feeding. This whole connection and process made her feel like a badass queen. The connection her and her boys had while breast feeding is absolutely a treasure to her. And that’s what she wanted to showcase during her session.

I was NOT opposed to this at all. I wanted the opportunity to learn and venture out with new things happening in the studio anyway. So, we made arrangements to have extra helping hands in the studio. This helped to be able to accommodate the littles and mama in the studio.

Boy was this a fun session to not only shoot but to be a part of. It was so much fun having a mama in the studio showing off what made her feel powerful and strong. And the babies couldn’t have been any cuter or better troopers hanging out with us. We not only captured the beauty of breastfeeding for this mama but we also got her dolled up and captured some shots of her by herself as well. A mama is more than just a mama so it was awesome to capture all the aspects of who she is.

Mamas. This one’s for you. And a bit of inspiration to show off who you are and remember that you are more than just a mama. You are a beautiful woman who can do anything.

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