Places to display your boudoir photos that won’t shock your mother

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One of the concerns I hear from my clients is not wanting to print their photos is because they don’t want those up for their kids or family members or guests to see hanging in their house. I totally get that. So, here are a few places to display your boudoir photos that won’t shock your mother.

Master bedroom

This is the first clear choice. If you have a master bedroom that is private then this is the perfect place to display your boudoir photos. This gives you the opportunity to show off your images to yourself and/or your significant other without having them out for the rest of the world to see. Plus every morning and every night you can see the empowerment from your session. This will help remind you that you’re amazing throughout the day.

Your Closet

A really fun and unique place to display your images is in your closet. Find space on the wall behind your clothes and that’s where you can hang your images. What a great place to have a little surprise every morning when you’re getting ready. Every time you go through your closet you are going to get a little peak at yourself. This is going to inspire you and remind you of how much confidence you can and should have in yourself. Just think how empowering this will be every morning to open your closet and see yourself on artwork hanging behind your clothes. Giving you a little nod to acknowledge how damn impressive you are.


Yes, this option might sound if-y to you. Because other people (maybe not your mother) come into your office. Sure, but if you kept the photo in your draw for you to see when you went looking for something, how empowering is that? There are lots of fun hiding spots of display spots for you to put that photo to keep from others seeing it but so that you can. Those little moments throughout your work day getting to see this stunning image of yourself will spark empowerment that you didn’t know you could have.

Shop or garage

If you have a significant other who has a shop that others might not go into, this is a fun place for him to hang that photo of you. More than likely you’re going to go out there every now and then. Both you and your partner will enjoy getting to see your image on display. And who doesn’t find it fun when your partner is enjoying a beautiful image of you while they are working.

Medicine cabinet

Now this might sound like a weird one. But bare with me here. There’s a chance that your mom isn’t going to go in there. There’s also the chance she might but maybe she wouldn’t notice your gorgeous image hanging on the back side of the cabinet door. Place your image on the backside of the door and poof! You have an image that you can look at any time you need it but other people are not automatically going to see this because it’s in a secret hiding spot that only you know about. Same would go for hiding that photo inside any other cabinet door where guests are not going to open and see. But you will when you’re cleaning or putting clothes away. What a great ordinary day reminder of how deserving and worthy you are.

Places to display your boudoir photos that won’t shock your mother

There you have it. A handful of ideas of places to display your boudoir photos that won’t shock your mother. Yes, a few of them are still a little out there. And a few are still vulnerable and give your mother the slight chance of seeing them. But every option gives you the chance to live in your empowerment and remember what a deserving and worthy goddess you are.

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