Why it’s so important to print your boudoir photos

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In this digital day and age, it’s easy to just want every photo digital so you can take them everywhere with you. But when it comes to boudoir photos there is something very powerful and important about having printed artwork to display in your home. So, let’s chat today about why it’s so important to print your boudoir photos.


Who doesn’t love a good piece of artwork to display in your home. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Artwork is great. But I’m not sure I want to display myself half naked for my kids or family to see.” And I totally get it. But artwork comes in more forms than just pieces that you hang on the wall. Albums are one of the most popular ways to display your images and keep them private. Such a beautiful and archival way of having your photos printed but also keep them as private as you want.


This is the BIG ONE here. A boudoir session alone is super empowering. And you will not forget that huge step outside your comfort zone that you took. On top of doing a session, it’s absolutely amazing to have artwork at home to remember what your session taught you. Having a piece of artwork of yourself to look at will keep reminding you of how amazing you are. You are going to have days when your self confidence waivers. On these days it helps to have something at home where you can look through your images quickly and be reminded of your self empowerment. Having the opportunity to see yourself in these pieces of artwork will keep you empowered. It will also help you remember how deserving and worthy you are of anything you want in life.


Seriously?! Show off your beautiful self. You just did this fun, empowering experience and stepped outside your comfort zone. Now show it off. Help your girl friends feel the same way you do and have these beautiful works of art in your home to show off. Anyone who sees these are going to be impressed and proud of you. Telling your story through artwork of what you did to step into your confidence will give others the power to do the same. And wouldn’t it be so empowering to know that you not only empowered yourself but you also helped another person step into their confidence?! Hell yeah it is!

Printing your images will give you such an empowering experience that you can continue to look at and be reminded of every day. We could all use more reminders of our beauty and empowerment on a daily basis. And there’s the reasons why it’s so important to print your boudoir photos.

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