Taylors Session

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Every client that walks in my door to the studio has an extensive story behind them. The reasons they show up for a session are different but also the same. What they get out of a session always has the same vibe to it but yet every woman takes that into her life differently than the next. Taylors session is no exception.

Taylor was super nervous before she came in for her session. She was fidgeting and touching everything and just anxious to do this session. She was also excited to do something for herself to pamper herself. While doing hair and makeup we had a blast chatting and getting to know all about her. She told us stories about herself and her precious baby boy. We also gave her the most badass lip color we had every done for a session and she pulled it off flawlessly.

After her session she felt so excited and she was so proud of herself for doing this that she couldn’t wait to get her album. She just wanted to stare at herself and her images and fell into that empowerment that she found during her session. She loved getting the opportunity to sit and look through her images with us and she couldn’t believe that was her in those images.

What Taylor had to say

I asked Taylor what she would say to other women who are on the fence about doing a session. She said, Even if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, the photos won’t just magically remove those pounds or insecurities, just do the session. But there are different angles and different ways to pose a body to look really good. Even those parts that you don’t like can be less noticeable. Just do the session and see what a difference it makes in your life.

Here’s what Taylor had to say about her session. “HIGHLY recommend Missy!! I went in feeling super nervous about not being able to look sexy or pose correctly. She showed me every pose and helped me “form my face” to sexy! I’ve never worn lingerie before and I felt so comfortable with or without it, which is HUGE!! Such an empowering experience 🖤”

If you want to see more of Taylors session and be a part of a great group, come join my women’s only Facebook Group Here and see what it’s like to do a session for yourself. If you’re ready to book a boudoir session or want to get more information Click Here to contact me. Also head to the Home Page to see more and learn more about boudoir.

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