Breanna’s Boudoir Session

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Breanna was such a stunning woman. She was radiating beauty from the moment she walked into the studio. And then the outfits that she brought it were just stunning and gorgeous. Breanna’s boudoir session was such a fun one because of how empowered she got as we went through the session.

This girl had beautiful and full hair too that was just absolutely amazing for every shot that we did. The kindness that this girl had while we worked together was also something that shown through in her. She also had a bunch of photo examples of other poses she wanted to try and it was super fun for me to try out some new shots. The opportunity to try new things gave me the empowerment to get outside of my comfort zone too.

Check out Breanna’s boudoir session photos to see just how amazing she is. This session was so much fun and these images turned out beautifully.

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