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The other day one of my badass boudoir ladies came to me with a personal story of one her insecurities of why she was hesitant on doing a session. It brought to my attention a very important detail about boudoir photo privacy that I had not explained in here to you beauties. So, first I apologize that I didn’t share this till now. But so much love to the girl that brought this up and shared her story with me and so here is an explanation for you. Bare with me, this will probably be long, but WELL worth your time to read.

Who Sees These?

What happens to your images once I take them? Where do they end up? Who sees them? What if you don’t want anyone else to see your images or you don’t want me to use them publicly and in marketing This was part of the insecurity that was brought up. The possibility of images ending up in the dark crevices of internet is scary and can end up causing more harm than good. I knew this! But I should have touched on this sooner! 

Privacy & Intimacy

As a photographer, of course we love beautiful images and during any and every session that we shoot, we want to just share the crap out of your images and use them for marketing. Having images to share is what shows other clients what we can do. BUT that’s different with boudoir. Like I said having those images to share is great, but with boudoir this is so much more private and intimate. You are obviously in front of my camera with little to no clothes on (your choice too FYI). These are the types of images that we don’t really want anyone else to see. We as women are scared to see what we look like in those images in the first place, let alone then sharing them with our significant others or even the world!

You Have Control

So, guess what, you have complete control over your images! After your boudoir session there are a few things I am going to ask you and one of the biggest is if and how I can share your images. What I love more than sharing your beautiful images, is sharing your testimonial from your session. Your experience explained in your own words means more than just getting to share those images. Because you telling the world that you loved your session and free and beautiful it was to do shows so much more to new clients than just those images ever could.

Your Privacy

Your boudoir photo privacy is very important to me. Because I know that you all have jobs and lives that might not yet understand you deciding to be naked in photos and then sharing them with the world. Being discreet is of the essence with your photos after your session. So, what I will ask and explain to you is that your testimonial means the world to me for showing future clients how awesome a session can be. This is the best thing I can get from you. When you give me that testimonial you have the option of telling me to keep it anonymous. This means that I will share your words about the experience of your session but I will not post your name or tag you in the post and there will be no images shared from your session. This is THE MOST private way of having a session done.

Privacy Options

Another option you have is to give a testimonial and give me permission to share your words and your words only. A third option includes your testimonial, but comes with the sharing of your photos. Your photos can be shared without your face in them. There are always tasteful shots that are focusing on something other than your face and have your face removed/cut off from the shot. This is a great way to share your photos without having to have your face in them. Of course the last option is full on sharing. Meaning you are fully comfortable with me sharing any and all of your photos on social media and my website. 

Using images

When I use images on my Instagram (or public Facebook page), these are images where I have full permission to use any photo to share as I need to. This goes for this group as well, this is especially important to your boudoir photo privacy. Any images I have and will share here, I have gotten permission to use and share in full. But in my private Facebook group the setting is set to private and only members in the group (which are only men) can see anything that is posted in there.

I realize this has been a long post and very detailed and wordy. The thoughts about all this kept pouring out and it was hard for me to explain everything the right way. I hope this makes sense and helps you understand how the privacy of your images works. PLEASE if anything doesn’t make sense, shoot me a text (507-822-3064), email ( Also feel free to join me in my private Facebook group to learn more about boudoir and to book a session.

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