How To Be Yourself During A Boudoir Session

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Boudoir sessions can be unique, fun and scary. But they don’t have to be scary and they can be uniquely set up to honor who you are. There are a few things that can be done during your session that help make it special to you. Here’s how to be yourself during a boudoir session.

Bring things unique to you

When you pack to come to your boudoir session bring anything that is special to you. Bring things that are or represent hobbies that you have. Anything that is unique to you can make for an amazing boudoir session specific to you. These are the types of things that represent who you are and make you special. Bringing any outfits or props with you that you love helps make the session more unique to the person that you are.

Give your opinions about the session

Don’t be afraid to give your opinions to your photographer. We are professionals and know how to pose you to look your best. But we love hearing suggestions on things you would like to try. It means that you’re warming up to your session but it also means that you’re excited and looking at being adventurous too.

Nerves are okay, but don’t be shy

Being nervous for your session or during your session is normal. This is something completely outside of your comfort zone so these feelings are fine to have. But you do not have to be shy during your session. Go ahead and voice which outfits that you love. Tell your photographer if a pose is too hard. Mention that you want to try something different or an idea that you have to make your session unique to you.

If you keep these things in mind before and during your session you will end up having an amazing time. If you have more questions about what happens with the privacy of your photos head to this blog post here to learn more. Also head over to this blog post to see another amazing session. Also if you would love to hear more about a boudoir session and get in on some great empowerment with other women, head over to my women’s only Facebook group.

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