Four years ago

This is us, anniversary, love, together

Four years ago today I met the man of my dreams. Four years ago we started an epic journey together. This is a little bit about us!

My weekend leading up to this

I went to a bridal show, set everything up and spent most of the day talking to brides and grooms. After a long night the night before helping at a fundraiser for MVAC and now running on very little sleep, I kind of just wanted to be done with the show and slow down after a busy weekend.

But… that was not on the agenda for the night. Instead there was this cool, interesting guy that had asked me out to dinner that night who I was anticipating to meet.

Getting ready to meet up

Tired from packing up the bridal show I got ready to head to dinner but.. then then this guy asked if we could meet a little later than originally planned (as I would soon learn was a classic thing for him 😂). I said ok but was tempted to cancel so I could sleep lol instead I kept the date and showed up a little early (like I do for everything 😅) at Grizzly’s. Instead of going in to wait I decided to wait in the car till I saw this guy show up.

Getting to know each other

Together we went inside and in true fashion for him, he did most of the talking but of course asked plenty of questions about me. After dinner we decided it was too early for the night to be over so we went bowling, then decided to get a drink at Busters and ended up hanging out till 1 in the morning. Before he left he made plans for another date 2 days later and we had plenty of other dates after that and eventually decided that we were bf/gf.

Picking our anniversary date

When April 6th rolled around and we got together to hang out, me knowing that it technically wasn’t our 1 month of “dating”, I was told something different. I was told that March 6th might have been the day we met and not the official day we mutually decided to date, but it was going to be our anniversary date because he knew from the moment he met me that we would be together for sure! 😍

Here we are now

So here we are, 4 years later, still making things work and supporting each other through it all. It’s a long, funny, mushy story, but the memory on Facebook about this bridal show made me sentimental about that weekend we met and our anniversary and for once thought I would share.

So happy 4 year anniversary babe!! ❤❤ There’s no one else I would rather experience life with, go adventuring with, share my secrets with and spend every day with! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight! 🥂😘

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This is us, anniversary, love, together

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