Let’s Get Real About Stretch Marks

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How many of us have stretch marks on some sort on our bodies? I’m sure there were a lot of you that said yes to that. More than likely I’m sure you have one of these marks on your body somewhere. And we all try really hard to hide them or get rid of them at some point. So, let’s get real about stretch marks today.

Don’t be ashamed

These little marks are not something to be ashamed of. Everyone has them. They are part of life and growing up. Every mark we have is a representation of where we have been and what we have been through in life. Wear the skin that you have proudly. Show off where you are in life by not hiding any stretch marks that you have.

Skin changes

These little marks come from skin stretching usually quicker than it knows how and that’s what leaves the well known stretch mark. Male, female, young, old, we all end up getting marks like these because our bodies are always changing. Our bodies ae beautiful no matter what phase of life we’re in and we need to honor that.

These things are parts of life and it is not something to be afraid or ashamed of. Your body is beautiful and it’s time to honor all of those no matter what.

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