Cole and Kelsey’s Romantic and Intimate Hutchinson, Minnesota Wedding

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Cole and Kelsey’s romantic and intimate Hutchinson, Minnesota wedding was bound to not go as planned. It took them all the way to Plan C to make their wedding happen. However, don’t think that because they couldn’t go through with Plan A their wedding didn’t go as well as wished. It actually was the opposite. Here’s a look into the details and beauty of Cole and Kelsey’s romantic and intimate Hutchinson, Minnesota wedding.


Cole and Kelsey have known each other since kindergarten. They rode the same bus throughout school and had the same teacher/class for kindergarten, 1st and 4th grade. The two of them remained friends into middle school, but had different interests during high school, so they didn’t talk or hang out much. Above all they also went to different colleges, but during Kelsey’s junior year Cole messaged her on Facebook and that has taken them to where they are today.


On their wedding day (and during their engagement session I could see this) you could see all the love and respect they had for one another. That also spilled into their love and care for their families. Everything was going against Cole and Kelsey for their wedding to happen. When it came down to it they care how it happened as long as they became husband and wife. Therefore this love for their relationship is so special and amazing and is what drove the strength behind their planning to make their small but romantic and intimate wedding happen. And it did.

Special Credits

Head over to their Gallery Here to check out all the images from their wedding day. Also go read my previous blog about Cole and Kelsey’s wedding to read the intimate details of their day.

Special shout out to Crow River Winery who allowed us to wander their grounds during the covid-19 outbreak. (This was where Cole and Kelsey were supposed to have their big wedding reception. With things not happening as they originally planned it was a blessing to use this outdoor space.)


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