Cole and Kelsey’s Wedding

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As I sit here at my desk writing this.. I look out my window and see the rain pouring down and watch the wind blow the flag, seeing how cold and gross it is outside is even more proof why Cole & Kelsey were supposed to get married last night instead of today. Cole and Kelsey’s wedding story is the best and here it is.

Over the last 2 weeks it has been a roll coaster ride of emotions and planing for these two. With restrictions and illness around the state (and country) it was starting to look like Cole and Kelsey’s wedding was destined to not happen. But all they wanted was to be married and become the married couple they had waited for.

Together with their families they decided on a small group of people to be present and that their wedding ceremony was happening no matter what. It was first going to be a very small group of people at their ceremony on Saturday the 28th, the original wedding date. Then the governor decided the state would be in a rest in place order starting Saturday.

Cole and Kelsey’s wedding might not happen now, not wanting to be out when they weren’t supposed to be. Instead they changed everything to happen on Friday night. Super small group, 2 people to stand up with them and all their vendors made it happen to be available to help out and make their wedding happen a day early.

A Perfect Intimate Wedding

It is so amazing what God made happen for Cole and Kelsey’s wedding. The weather was perfect. It was sunny and warm but not too hot where we could comfortably be outside. Every vendor came together to bring or be present for what they needed to make the perfect wedding day.

And when Kelsey walked down the aisle and met Cole at the alter all you could feel was the love the two had for each other. The intimacy that you felt in that church was more amazing than anyone of us there could have imagined. You could also see how relaxed and comfortable Cole and Kelsey both were while standing in front of their families proclaiming their love for one another.

As we all sat downstairs in the church having dinner, the vibe in the room was of intimacy, romance, love and amazement. The day came together perfectly. Cole and Kelsey’s wedding was more than a hit and they got exactly what they came for. The start of their marriage. It wasn’t an easy ride to get there. But they made it. And together they’ll be stronger because of the trials they went through to make their dreams come true.

  1. Ardis says:

    It was a beautiful sweet Wedding. I am so glad I was there. Congratulations Kelsey and Cole! The pictures are awesome also.

  2. Regina says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations Kelsey and Cole!

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