Big Beautiful Weddings

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We’ve all had the dream. As girls we planned big beautiful weddings in our heads. Every wedding TV show that we see adds another detail in our minds as to what our wedding should look like. Each time we go to a wedding as a guest, we see their ideas and pick which ones we love and which ones we would avoid. Everywhere we go and everything we see sparks new and fun inspiration for what we want in our wedding day. And most of the time what we see is a BIG beautiful wedding with hundreds of guests and family members there to witness our big day. Here are the pros and cons of big beautiful weddings.

Pros of Big Beautiful Weddings

More Gifts

Let’s face it.. the more people you invite to your wedding the more gifts that you’re going to get. This seems superficial, but if you’re a young couple and just starting out, you might need a lot of things to help make your new home together a true home. It’s okay to need more dishes, bedding, towels, etc. to create the home you’ve dreamed of and of course just starting out in a new marriage also means you might not have the funds to purchase all of these things right off the bat. So, do the big wedding. Invite the large guest list and have them help celebrate you with gifts to build your home.

More People Invited

When two people come together and start building a life together that means many family members and lots of friends and acquaintances that help you through your journey. This in turn means lots of people that you want there on your wedding day and of course with so many people having been a big part of your life for years, you want to have them included in the biggest celebration of your life.

Everyone included

Having a big beautiful wedding means that everyone gets to be included and you don’t have to leave anyone off of the guest list. Every aunt and uncle, coworker, friend and everyone in between can be added to the invite list. This means every person that’s ever been important to you can show up to your wedding day and help you celebrate.

You can hire someone to help

With a big beautiful wedding happening there can be many more details that go into making sure everything comes together correctly. This is where hiring a wedding and event coordinator is the best idea you can have to help make your wedding date a success. These people are specially trained in knowing how a wedding day should run. They are able to help you through anything that comes up in the planning process and during the day of the wedding. If you think this is something you would love to have for your wedding please check out Buck and Rose Weddings and contact her about how she can help make your wedding day amazing.

Cons of Big Beautiful Weddings

Large guests list with people you don’t know

This goes against the pro where everyone can be included. This means that your parents might add people to the guest list who you don’t know. Many times your parents want their friends and extended family members to be invited as well. You might not even know these people but yet they are important people to your parent.s

Need a large venue. Rules out smaller unique venues

Having a big wedding means a large wedding venue. You have to have the space big enough to host all of those people. Sometimes the large the venue the less unique it can be (not all the time). But it just depends. There are plenty of large venues out there that are gorgeous and unique. But it also means that you’re missing out on small venues that have that vision or vibe that you might looking for on your wedding day.

Lots of people, hard to see everyone

A large guest list means there are a lot more people at your reception that you need to stop and say hi to. Visiting all these people at your reception might be hard. Having that many more people to stop and talk to means less time to be dancing and loving on each other.


Either way you cut it, the same amount work goes into planning large wedding as does a small wedding. It’s all about which pros and cons you’re willing to deal with. But most of all, it’s about your vision and how you see your wedding day happening! Stay tuned for next weeks blog which will of course be all about the pros and cons of a small wedding.

In the end, it’s all up to what you want your wedding to look and feel like. Sometimes the big party is the best way for you to party with everyone in you life that’s meaningful to you. But maybe a small wedding may end up being exactly what you’re looking for. Head to my blog about this big beautiful wedding to see what the day will look like from my perspective.

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