Do something that’s scary

happy, scared, excited, being myself

I’ve decided that making a change right now is going to be good for me. It’s time to get uncomfortable outside of my comfort zone and work through my fears and do something that’s scary. I have been slowly pursuing boudoir photography since September 2019. Since then I have learned how much of a passion I have for it. It is also a genre of photography that can happen year round. It doesn’t depend on the weather (unless it snows so much a client can’t get in for a session lol). And the biggest thing with it is that I get to empower other women to see their beauty and how amazing they are.


There is so much going on in the world and often there is a lot of pressure on women to be everything and to put together all the time. That’s hard. We can’t all be perfect all the time and it doesn’t matter what our size, skin color, or anything else, we are all beautiful and brave. Every soul out there is amazing and something special to offer to the world. I’ve spent my life with so many negatives going through my head that I have learned from other people or that I have been taught from others (to no fault of their own) along the way, that I struggle myself with body image, positive self talk and so much more in my 32 years. It’s time for change; time to get uncomfortable outside of my comfort zone and do something that’s scary.

Boudoir is my new passion and I want to make this happen. Change my life. Change the lives of thousands of other women around me. I want freedom. I want time for myself and my family.


I also want to touch, I’m not fully giving up weddings. Honestly some photographers switch to full boudoir because they are burnt out on weddings. I am not there. I still love weddings. But I also want a lot of my weekend time back eventually to spend with my family and friends. It is also a pleasure to hang out with couples and celebrate their wedding days. But it’s also a bummer to miss out on our friends’ weddings when they overlap with the weddings I shoot. I also make both happen though if it’s possible. Weddings are still such a fun thing for me but I’d love to cut back to a few a year and have my income stream come from boudoir and empowering women to be amazing and beautiful and true to themselves.

So, brides I am still super stoked to work with you that I have booked and with any future brides that come my way. But I am adding on and growing a different part of the business. I’ve taken a huge leap in purchasing things to help me grow and learn and to make a successful business happen. This is scary. I’m freaked out. I have worries. I have fears. I’m also excited. I’m happy to be taking a chance on myself and doing something to make life amazing for myself and so many others.

If you want to join me, hope over to Facebook to join my women’s only boudoir empowerment group and learn more and follow along in this journey.

happy, scared, excited, being myself

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