How to have your details prepared for getting ready photos

Bridal accessories

You’ve gotten your hair done. The final touches on your makeup are being completed. Your photographer is about to arrive to start your day and document the first photos of the day. You have so many little things that you are wearing or will be a part of you today that you want your photographer to capture before you get into your dress. Here’s how you can be prepared for when your photographer arrives and how to have your details prepared for getting ready photos so that this transition goes smoothly for you and your photographer.

Your Dress

When you get to your bridal suite with your dress, take it out of the bag and hang it up on a door frame, on a closet door, or over the window so that it can hang freely without being confined in the bag. If need be, have a steamer there so that one of your bridesmaids or family members can steam out the wrinkles for you. Take a few moments to admire it before it’s time to step into it.

Your Jewelry

If there are any pieces of jewelry that you will be wearing on big day have it laying out or sitting in a box ready to be photographed. This includes your necklace, earrings, bracelets, etc. Having these items prepared ahead of time helps your photographer be able to grab them quickly to use in detail shots and then it also helps you know that you have all the pieces and haven’t forgotten anything.

Your Shoes

Having your shoes in your detail shots adds a nice dimension to your photos and showcases all the little pieces of what you will be wearing that day. You might even have more than one pair of shoes and could be deciding between the two. Whether you have one pair or more make sure you have them out and ready to go so that your photographer can grab them as they are going through shots.

Your Veil

When doing dress photos sometimes it’s gorgeous to have your veil hanging behind or alongside your dress. Grabbing this out of the bag with your dress also gives you the chance to make sure it isn’t wrinkly or needing to be steamed before it goes it. Sometimes you will also have your hair stylist put this in before you leave the salon so that it is securely put it in. Either way, having it to photograph with your dress adds details but if you already have it on then you know it’s set with your hair style and ready to go.

Your Ring

When you get to your ceremony location or your bridal suite for getting ready, you may have your engagement and wedding ring on or you might have it safely stored with your groom to give to the best man. If you have it on your photographer may grab it to do some personal detail shots along with your dress and all the other jewelry. If the best man already has it for safe keeping then those ring detail shots can happen later in the day.

Your details

This is a little help on how to have your details prepared for getting ready photos. Having all these little things out and ready to go helps your photographer out big time in making sure they capture all the pieces that are going into your bridal look. This will also help you in your final steps to make sure you have everything that you need for the day. All these pieces add to some amazing photos that you will cherish looking back on the details that you put together to add to your amazing day.

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