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You might wonder what it’s like to meet with your photographer. Or whether you should meet your photographer in person before making a decision to book them. Consequently, you might also wonder what it’s like to meet your photographer in person. So, as a little insight I would like to share with you what it’s like to sit down together, have coffee and what it feels like to set up your wedding day with me.

Having Coffee Together

One of my favorite places to meet my couples is at a coffee shop. This gives me the chance to sit down in a relaxed atmosphere and chat. I mean really, who doesn’t like coffee? And these days if you don’t prefer coffee, you choose any other type of beverage to drink here as well. The coffee shop allows us to meet in a location close to both of us and at any time of the day.

My Questions To You

Before I ever start to talk money or packages, my favorite thing is to find out more about YOU! The details of your wedding day are what make your day unique. Every couple has a completely different vision than the next couple. The more information I have about what your wedding looks and feels like, the more I know what captures your heart for your wedding. I want to know the back story of your relationship and what makes you two tick. Consequently, learning this little story of who you are also tells me what you’re looking for on your big day.

Package Details and Additions

Once I have learned more about you and what you see for your wedding day, we can then go into more detail about the packages that I offer. I will usually take my most popular package and explain everything that is included it. After that I will compare that package to the other packages that I offer so that you can then see the difference between all the packages that I offer. Of course I will make sure to open it up to you to ask questions about the packages and what you are thinking would work best for you.

Timeline Setup For the Day

When you make a decision on the hours of coverage you will need for your day I will then help you set up a timeline for the day. This is where we can discuss whether or not you want to see each other before the ceremony. I wholeheartedly respect the choice you make. Moreover I am here to give you the details of how it works to see each other before the ceremony. And on top of that I will show you how the day will look if you stick with tradition and wait to see each other until you walk down the aisle. The timeline we set up with cover you from the the beginning of the day of getting ready all the way through the first section of your dance.

More Wedding Vision Questions

One of the last things I do after we discuss the timeline is ask a ton more questions! Don’t worry these aren’t tough questions. The questions that I ask here are just a handful of things that help me to see your vision and details for your day. I ask things like “What’s your color scheme?” “What is the most anticipated moment on your wedding day?” “How many bridesmaids and groomsmen do you have?” “What are you must have photographs for your day?” And many more questions like this. I am looking to see your vision and your details. All of which add up what will make for an amazing day for you.

After all of this, I have a complete picture of your day. Meeting you for the first time is such a joy to me and gives me the chance to really dive into what makes you two tick. I want to be as thorough as possible and give you all the information you will need to know that your wedding day is going be documented completely. Head on over to my galleries page to see more of what can be captured on our big day.

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