Lyndsey’s Boudoir Session

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I hadn’t seen Lyndsey in about 10 years probably. We worked together in college and now here we were adults, working together on her boudoir session. She radiated beauty and I brought out her confidence as we started Lyndsey’s boudoir session together. During her session she became a natural at posing and working the camera as we made our way through her session. She knew the colors that she loved and that was obvious in the outfit she brought with for her session. And the coverups she brought with highlighted her outfits and added so much more beauty to her photos.

If she was nervous, she hid it well and posed like a pro throughout every suggestion that I gave her. But by the end of the session I could see how much bigger her smile had become and how much confidence she exuded. I cannot get enough of showing off her photos and the beauty and amazing confidence that she has. It was such a pleasure to get to see her again after so many years. For each of us to be in a different phase of life now and getting to hear about her journey and where she was now was so special to me.

Lyndsey’s boudoir session was so amazing, not only for her as you will read below, but for me as well. It is such an amazing opportunity for me to have a woman walk in the door, do a session and then leave feeling amazing and confident. If we have had fun together and she feels brave and beautiful, I have done my job!

Check out these beautiful images from Lyndsey’s boudoir session and read what she had to say about her time in the studio.

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“I had my boudoir session done with Melissa this weekend. It was something I have been contemplating for a long time. Something for me, to help me feel more confident and empowered. I’m no size 2 and I’ve always struggled with positive body image. I am so glad I didn’t cancel on her like I was going to so many times since booking. She was kind, fun, and very professional! The poses she helped me with were tasteful and fun. I used to work with Melissa back in college, but this was the first time I really spent any time with her. I felt like we were constantly laughing and I really enjoyed my session! 💜


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