Kayla’s Boudoir Session

Kayla’s boudoir session was so much fun and was unique to her and the things she loved and that’s just what it should be about. This beautiful woman was going through some tough times in life. And her story is touching and relatable.
But Kayla came in to do this thing for herself and herself only. With the intentions of getting beautiful images that she could hang in her home for herself to show off how amazing and strong she is! And we did just that! She was amazing at her session and had such fun outfits (pj’s ladies… PJ’S!!) And she looked great in all of it.
Do the session for yourself. A gift to someone else is just icing on the cake but this experience is all about you. How much you’re worth it and and investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for you! Kayla was a true testament to how doing this session for yourself is the best thing that you can do. Don’t care who else is watching or what anyone else says and just go for it. Just do the session for you girl.
Let Kayla’s boudoir session show you just how amazing it is to do something for yourself. This is the best present you can give yourself. Trust me! You’re going to love your images and you’re to love having artwork to display in your house. Showing off you and how amazing you are is a great confidence booster.

If you want to see more beautiful boudoir photos and be a part of a great group, come join my women’s only Facebook Group Here and see what it’s like to do a session for yourself. Head over to The Home Page to get in touch with us to book your session now.

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