Make Your Boudoir Session A Date Night

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Who doesn’t love the opportunity to get dressed up and have their hair and makeup done! On top of that getting to show it off or have your significant other show off how good you look is even more fun! When you have a boudoir session done you already have your hair and makeup professionally done so why not show it off. Make your boudoir session a date night and get more bang for you buck.

Make a day of it

Being pampered is such a fun opportunity. Especially when you can have someone else do your hair and makeup for you. Not everyone is good at doing this so having someone professionally do it for you is great. So, make a day of it! Commit to having a boudoir session done and be pampered by a hair and makeup artist and accent your natural beauty. Then let yourself be pampered by a photographer. Get those amazing photos of yourself that you have been putting off. Now once you’ve gotten the chance to have that done, keep the good feeling vibes going. Go out on a well deserved date with your significant other. You are already going to be on a high from your session. So, keep that going with a really special date night out. Both you and your significant other are going to love how you look and feel!

You deserve this

You deserve every bit of this pampering and self care day! And the way you take care of yourself with all this love and empowerment is also going to bode well for your relationship too. Others can see when you feel amazing about yourself and in turn that makes them feel great too. You (and your relationship) are deserving of this opportunity to make a day of it and feel like a badass. The empowerment that will coming from being pampered and doing a boudoir session will trickle into your relationship and your date night and great things will happen.

If you need a little encouragement for your boudoir session and how to make it your own head to my recent blog How To Be Yourself During A Boudoir Session and read the tips on how fun this can be.

And if you’re wanting some simple and inexpensive ways to make date night happen go check out this blog post by Dave Ramsey about date night ideas.

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