How To Book A Wedding Photographer

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When it comes to booking the vendors for our wedding day there are some important things to keep in mind. Especially when looking at who you want to have as your wedding photographer. Your wedding photographer is someone who is going to spend the whole day with you. You want someone who fits with your personality and wedding vision. Here are some tips on how to book a wedding photographer.

Find someone whose personality clicks

This is one of the biggest factors that are important in picking your wedding photographer. Your photographer is going to be there all day with you. If this person isn’t someone you get a long with or can easily talk to it will be rough to have an amazing day and get all the photos you want. It’s important to feel like your photographer is your friend, if not your best friend. Since they will be there all day with you they can be someone who not only gets great photos for you but can help you. Their advice and help can make the day go smoothly and for your wedding vision to come to life. Having your photographer as another friend there on your wedding day will make the experience even more amazing. Plus their expertise can be an invaluable thing to have that day.

Find a style that you like

Every photographer has their own unique style. From the way the shoot their photos to the way they edit their photos. It’s very important when you’re looking through photographer’s galleries to pick something that resonates with you. Photographers are not going to change their styles of shooting and editing just because you ask them to. These things are unique and specific to them and it’s what makes their process awesome. It’s okay if you don’t like dark moody photos. It’s also okay if you don’t like light and airy photos. But be sure to realize these differences and styles as you’re looking through photos and picking who you want to document your day. Think of your own wedding vision and then see which styles resonate with that vision.

Go ahead and ask lots of questions

Photographers love being able to answer your questions. It means you’re wanting to put great detail into finding the right person for your big day. Questions also get the conversation going between the two of you. It opens up the chance to talk more about your day and finding out if you both click. The more questions you ask of course the more you will feel comfortable with your photographer. It also gives you both the chance to learn more about each other and connect on a personal level. Ask as many questions as you need to. Make sure you get your questions answered so that you can feel more comfortable with the choice that you’re making.

Meet the photographer in person

It can be tough to know how to book a wedding photographer or if they are the right one for you. Sometimes the best way to figure out if a photographer is a good fit is to meet them. Doing this via Skype or in person is a great way for you both to get to know each other better. Plus when you meet each other it is easier to talk about all the questions you have. This way as you talk about one question other questions might come up and you can easily has these things out. If you want more tips on what it’s like to meet with your photographer head over to my blog post here detailing the information about this.

Sketch out a budget you want to spend

The biggest part of your whole wedding is making sure you have a budget. This is very important when you’re thinking how to book a wedding photographer. Just like every photographer has a different style, they also have a different price range. Price does not always dictate good photography but a good rule of thumb is that the higher the price the higher the quality of an experience you will get. Either way you need to be willing to know what you want to spend on your wedding photography. This will help you pick the right photographer that fits your style.

Booking wedding vendors can be a tough task. But if you take these few tips into consideration it will help you make your decision easier on booking someone.


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